Please note that bursary applications are now closed, however these will still be considered if funds are available.

NSSO works hard to support players whose parents need help to meet the course fee. Finance should not be a defining factor in deciding to apply. Our modest Bursary Fund faces increasing pressure each year but we promise to do our best to help and to take into account any exceptional circumstances.

Means-tested bursaries are available, covering up to a maximum of 50% of the course fee. Please note that the decision whether or not to award a bursary, and the value of any bursary awarded, is entirely at the discretion of NSSO and Malvern College.

Funding Organisations

It is helpful to us if, in the first place, you seek support from elsewhere. In particular, from your own school or LEA; they often have funds reserved to meet such need.  In addition, there are many quite localised charities across the UK which support arts-based activities for young people from that area.  Google often turns up surprisingly little known trust funds with just this aim in mind!

Most funding organisations have deadlines for applications, so begin your research sooner rather than later.


The Harrison Memorial Fund

The Harrison Memorial Fund, administered by the IAPS, awards grants to young people aged 8 – 13 (school years 5 – 8) who need financial support to attend residential music courses in the UK. Applications to this fund enjoy a high level of success but awards are generally modest.

For further information, please email Kathy Uttley: iapsitrustmusic@gmail.com.


How we award bursaries

Our bursaries are awarded on a sliding scale based on the household’s total net income (defined as total annual income less total annual expenditure). If your combined household take-home employment-related pay exceeds £30,000 you are not likely to receive an award. The maximum award that is normally given is 50% of the course fee. However, in exceptional circumstances, it may be possible to provide a higher award.

All applications for Bursary assistance should be submitted by 1 April 2021 accompanied by the application form for the course itself and the deposit fee, if they have not already been submitted. We will inform you as quickly as possible if your application for bursary support has been successful. All fees must be paid prior to the start of the course.

Bursary applications are dealt with by Malvern College and those conducting and reviewing auditions do not know who is a bursary applicant.

Offers of a place in NSSO are based on purely musical criteria and are not affected by bursary applications.


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